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Who We Are

In the 1930’s, big cities in Texas had already enjoyed the benefits of electricity for several decades. The rural towns, however, were still in the dark.  In July 1938, all that changed when the electric cooperative that would become CCECA brought power to the farms, ranches and communities across East Texas with the vision of several key leaders.

Thanks to Mr. R.R. Banks and Mr. C.E. Smith of Rusk TX; Mr. Ras R. Martin of Troup TX; Mr. H. W. Walker of Bullard TX; Mr. Grady Dial of Forest TX; Mr. T.B. Acker of Maydelle TX; and Mr. A.M. Jordan of Reklaw TX for incorporating the cooperative.  They started the cooperative from zero.   Today there is over 3,300 miles of line, over 16,000 members and over 21,000 active meters located in Cherokee, Nacogdoches, Rusk and Smith counties.

By definition, a “cooperative” is people working or acting together willingly for a common purpose. The fact that the cooperative is a non-profit, people-owned organization, means that it is geared not toward profit, but toward people.  Thus, the cooperative is you-the people we serve.

These farsighted founders of CCECA could never have dreamed of the changes that have taken place in the past 80 plus years, but the cooperative principles are still as valid as they were back then.


About Our Company

Cherokee County Electric Cooperative, Assn. was started in 1938 to provide power to rural customers. The Cooperative now serves parts of 4 counties including Cherokee, Smith, Rusk, and Nacogdoches. Currently, the Cooperative has over 3,400 miles of line averaging 6.1 meters per mile of line for a total of over 21,000 meters.


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